Thursday, 31 January 2008


Marv, I and our Family at home have adopted the MOTHERLESS BABIES OF ENUGU, orphanage. It is a privilege to work with Sister Eunice who has taken care of these children for the past 39 years and extended help, love and support to these precious little ones who, for no fault of their own have been abandoned.

As we celebrate Valentine's Day in can you not fall in love with these little souls whose innocence and unconditional love touch and open hearts of all those who see them.


I am an African Child, all the world is watching me, to see what I will become. But I know nothing of this world you brought me into!. We must cherish and teach these children always. Sister Leavitt

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Elder Imonikosaye and us

Everyone who knows us is aware that we are currently serving our mission in Nigeria, West Africa. With the help of Brother Imonikosaye (who is shown in this picture when he was Elder Imonikosaye) we have created this Blog to share.